The current trend of designing your home with greys, whites, and overall neutrals make it much more difficult to be inspired to add a pop of colour to your living space. I recommend that you start small, perhaps with a traditional ‘made-for-colour-space’ like a playroom or children’s bedroom.

Colour (3).jpg

There is no need to go shopping, use what you already own to customize your interior. Small pieces such as picture frames and pillows easily allow us to add that pop without overdoing it! Area rugs and furniture (a solo green arm chair for example) are also a great way to brighten your space. Just make sure the coloured pieces that you’re introducing, complement your existing decor.

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If you’re feeling adventurous, make a statement by creating an accent wall. Take an empty wall from background to center stage with a prominent piece of art work, a bold paint colour, fabric, wallpaper, or a gallery of photos.   

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Incorporating plants into your home is also a great way to add colour, life and dimension. Whether it’s a single large plant next to your sofa, a cluster of smaller pots at your en trance or a vase of fresh flowers on the dining room table – you can’t go wrong with a little plant beauty!

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To conclude, colour definitely sets the mood and tone of your home. Some colours are vivacious and energetic, while others are much more calming and relaxing. Pick a palette that works best for you, and if you keep it simple with textiles and accessories, you can easily switch it up down the road! 

*All images courtesy of @dominomag (via Instagram)